Third batch of LMM tracks on Rx film

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A few Rx films were exposed to light while recording LMM tracks, as the "black" plastic sheet proved to be less opaque than expected, thus prompting me to modify the device used to record LMM tracks: the sandwich (alu / bristol / Rx film / bristol / alu) was posed on a 10 mm thick book, covered with another book and placed in front of the magnet with the betalight. Everything fits on a wooden plank inside a lightproof suitcase closed by 4 black plastic sheets tightened under the suitcase cover.

The third recording attempt (long: 69,5 heures!) was made with an 18 volts difference between the aluminium sheets, then followed by 15 minutes in the developer, 15 minutes in the fixer and a nice long 30 minutes rinse in flowing water.
Result: this film remained fairly clear but sported rather sharp tracks, some of them quite visible to the unaided eye.
Conclusions: the longer developing time seems to have had the expected effect: many more visible tracks. The much more complex structures of the tracks might be due to the lower electrical field strength used. In order to check that, the next experiment should use a still lower voltage difference.