First batch of LMM tracks on Rx film

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After many hours reading lots of documents by Lochak, Stumpf, Daviau (in Nantes) and the russians, I patched together a first set-up to record LMM tracks on Rx film:
The film is sandwiched horizontally between 2 pairs of bristol paper sheets, the whole assembly is then placed between 2 thin aluminium sheets; a partially discharged 9 volts alkaline battery keeps a voltage difference of 7.2 volts between the aluminium sheets; this stack is then posed on a 6.5 mm thick plexiglass plate and a 1.75 mm thick glass plate is placed on top of the stack.
A 82 mm long by 5 mm diameter betalight (activity level: 1 curie) is placed 6 mm in front of the film, with its axis in the same plane as the film, parallel to its long side. The north pole of a largish Neodymium magnet (50 mm long, 25 mm high, 12,5 mm thick) is kept in close contact with the betalight, thus hopefully transforming (theoretically and partially) the stream of antineutrinos produced by the betalight into a stream of north LMM.

3 photos of the set-up without aluminium
sheets, plexiglass, glass and battery.

First recording attempt (long: 41 hours!), followed by 20 minutes in the developer, 20 minutes in the fixer and a 30 minutes rinse.
Result: a film nearly blank at first sight, with a few strangely sharp blots...
Under the enlarger, I find tens of strange zig-zaggy discontinuous tracks looking for all I know like tractor tracks or caterpillar tracks as described in the book and papers by Lochak.

Some tracks are quite meandering, others are doubled, others still seem to hit an obstacle and make a sharp turn as if they rebounded there;
Some tracks are slowly curving, others are intricately entangled, thus forming dense knots that look like blots to the unaided eye, etc.

The tracks go in all directions, they don't diverge clearly from the position of the betalight...
As a matter of fact, there are practically no tracks near the betalight...
Here and there on the film, there are some highly visible tracks, many others are barely detectables, there are pairs of parallel tracks, etc...
All in all, quite a circus!

LMM characteristic tracks:

  • tractor-like tracks
  • curving tracks
  • double tracks (thick + thin)

seen from above

seen from below